Customer Reviews

  • It's been fantastic, I was waiting to go through the whole tub for my review, nothing but positive things to say.


  • Stuff is really good. I took it before work the other day and was locked in. So glad you didnt put the beta ala in it.


  • Dude pump and everything was legit. Energy was smooth, perfect balance of stim but not too much.


  • Bro your preworkout is awesome. My pumps have been absolutely absurd. I like that it's only the lower end of caffeine too, like 20% less caffeine but I don't even notice it's less.


  • Ey brother, I just want you to know I've been having the best workouts of my life and it can't be a coincidence that they have been while taking your product. Thank you


  • A+++! Had a dope workout and felt great, highly recommended.


  • Steady energy and focus throughout my workout without jitters, and without affecting me the rest of my day. Tastes very sour but that's mostly because I mix with very little water and because it's sugar free.


  • It's a really clean energy. I've had it for about 20 days now and take it mid morning right before my workout. Keeps me calm and focused throughout the day until I go to bed around 10-11 at night. Getting it for my business partners on my next round of orders.


  • Best pre-workout I've ever taken. Keeps me alert and focused while working out. Steady stream of energy throughout the day - no crash, no jitters, no racing heart. Love it


  • First day on the juice. It is good shit man, finally burned through my old stuff. So many pre- workout supps out there it is hard to make a choice and I don't trust a lot of reviews.Would rather spend my money with someone/company that is based...


  • I can go on and on. It doesn't cause muscle tightness like coffee or energy drinks do. It doesn't cause shallow breathing like they do. So l can do my stretching. I can do my Wim Hoff breathing. I feel normal except for I'm alert and I have plenty of energy. Seriously, it's a healthy alternative to poisonous energy drinks.


  • Bro ur pre workout makes me lowkey feel buzzed but with energy lmao. I have no idea how to describe it. I almost don't feel sober I just feel juiced and focused hahahaha.But for real tho this is sick you knocked it out of the park, I don't normally drink any pre workout and I don't drink coffee or caffeine either but I love this stuff.


  • Ok so honest review, I like it a lot. Zero fatigue, no jitters, can work out full intensity for as long as I want.